Biotech Beach

San Diego, Southern California 

Sun, sand, and... biotech excellence. The San Diego and Southern California region sparkles with crystal blue waters, celebrities and not a few prominent life sciences players. San Diego, in particular, tops all kinds of Top 10 life science cluster lists. One might stumble across executives from PfizerAvanir PharmaceuticalsUrovant Sciences, Travere TherapeuticsAbbVieAmgen and Prometheus Biosciences dipping their toes in the luscious beaches or scoping out the latest fashions on Rodeo Drive. The Biotech BeachTM Hotbed is also home to up-and-coming gene therapy company Capsida Biotherapeutics

Current employees in this region prioritize a bustling innovation and drug pipeline and are heavily invested in diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging. 

Average salary: $130,141 | Average bonus: $28,443 | Number of life sciences companies: 3,418 | Number of life science professionals: 179,996

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